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Pool Maintenance 

  • Weekly Pool Cleaning in Palm Coast, Fl

  • Vacuum, brushing, filter cleaning, chemical balancing


Repairs / Replacements  

  • Pumps, motors, plumbing, gaskets, heaters


Chemical Balancing / Shocking

  • Chlorinity, pH, Alkalinity, Stabilizer, Calcium, Salt

Acid Washes

  • Scrubbing the pool walls with muriatic acid

  • Removes unwanted stains

  • Makes the pool surface look new


One time pool cleaning

  • Hurricane clean up, Shocking - Algae removal






Why choose Buddys Pool Service Palm coast ?

With so many choices for Palm Coast pool companies, why choose us?  We are a family run small business, committed to provided you an exceptional and personal Pool Service in Palm Coast. Let us give you a free month of service and we're certain we can keep you as a valued customer. 

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