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How To Shock A Pool

Updated: Jun 16

The most searched pool question on google - How to shock a pool. If you were one of the thousands to search this phrase, you certainly didn't find a shortage of information. In fact, you were likely overwhelmed with the amount of different information on how to shock a pool. Well, I am here to give you the quickest, easiest and cost efficient way to shock a pool.

First, Remove the filter cartridge from the filter. You can clean it, but we will leave it out until the pool is mostly clear. For now, we want the pool water circulating.

Second, Dump the following items in your pool:

3 jugs of liquid Chlorine

1 jug of Muriatic Acid.


I promise you - this is all you need. No fancy high-cost chemicals required. Don't fall for sales gimmicks. Simple is good.

After you put the items above, brush the pool thoroughly while the filtration system is running. After it has been running for 24 hours, put the cleaned filter cartridge back into the filter cannister. Your pool should now be a bluish grey. Now, brush the pool again thoroughly and let the pump run another 24 hours. After this the pool should be pretty blue. Repeat the process as necessary and add another jug of chlorine if the water is still a bit murky. Its that simple.

If this doesn't sound up your alley, and you feel like you still need help, feel free to call Buddy's Pool Service Palm Coast and we will do it for a fraction of the price of other pool companies Palm Coast.

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