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Hurricane winds !

Updated: Nov 20

Hello Palm Coast! We are lucky we did not get the worst of Hurricane IAN - but now there is news of a strong Tropical Storm heading towards Florida. If you have a pool in Palm Coast and surrounding areas, here are a few tips to protect your pool during the heavy winds and rain. If you'd rather a professional pool service provider handle it for you - feel free to give Buddy's Pool Service Palm Coast a call at 386 387 9109.

1.Prepare for heavy rains. The best thing you can do for heavy rains is to lower the pool water level BEFORE the storm comes. Please, do not be stuck out in the storm lowering the pool water level while the storm is on top of us. Unfortunately, a New Smyrna man was swept away by the flooding while trying to drain his pool in the middle of the last storm. You will only need to lower the pool a few inches - make sure water is still making into the skimmer. If you'd feel safer lowering it further - you will need to turn the valve to shut off the skimmer and prevent your system from sucking air and burning out the pump.

2. Add Extra Chemicals. Your pool may get more debris then usual thus likely compromising your pool chemistry. Add a little extra chlorine or a tablet to give it the strength to hold with more debris and rainwater coming in.

3. Do not put furniture in the pool. Yes, I have seen it. People placing patio furniture in the pool so it does not blow away during the storm. Unfortunately, this can cause stains in your pool surface that will not be able to be fixed.

4. Turn your pump off during the storm. If the water level gets too high during the heavy rains, this could put extra strain on your pool system, shortening its life span or worse, blowing the motor.

Again, if you do not feel comfortable doing these things, feel free to call Buddy's Pool Service Palm Coast and we will take care of it for you. Stay safe! Update: We are also Providing Pool Service Ormond Beach

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